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" It's official, life sucks and then you die!"

07 Dezember, 2012

I remember there was a time
you were my sunday afternoon
a breezy bike ride in central park
a sun drenched picnic in june

you were my favorite book
the song i sang in my sleep
that comfy old hoodie
you adored but let me keep

but our world became cold
and you pushed yourself away
i lost a little piece of you
with every passing day

but you were a wildfire
never to be tamped 
i was a fragile sapling
that would never be the same

now you're in the silence
every empty glass of whiskey
and i replay that drunk voicemail
when you said that you missed me

but the time heals all wounds
ones that burn
ones that bleed
and this lonely scar
is exactly what i need.

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